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Who we are

Meet Performers in Southfields and the Sounds of Southfields team

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Upload Online Content

We invite anyone living in Southfields to submit online content to our website. We accept links to live streams, videos, and audio recordings hosted on various platforms so we can act as a central place where all the local area's performers can show off their work.

We use Google Forms as a method of getting information from you. The forms themselves are pretty straight forward, although you'll need access to the URL of whatever content you wish to submit to us.

First, if you haven't told us about you, or about the performer(s) that appear in the content you would like to submit, please fill in the following 'Sounds of Southfields New Performer' form for each performer. This form will open in a new tab.

If you've already filled in this form, you don't need to do it again if you're submitting more content.

Once we know about the performers appearing in your content, please use the following form to tell us about the content itself. The form below opens in a new tab.

You can submit more than one performer and more than one piece of online content just by opening the relevant form again.

We look forward very much to seeing all the amazing performances you've been creating!

Get in touch

We would love to hear from you!

All general inquiries can be emailed to

Ticketing questions will be answered on

Our team have provided their contact details in the Sounds of Southfields team section of this website.

You can also join our mailing list:

While we do our best to know all about performing events in Southfields, we also would like to hear from you if you are either promoting a concert or involved in an education project.

If you haven't already filled in a 'Sounds of Southfields New Performer' form using our Google Forms system, we will need one of those for everyone taking part in your concert. For ensembles, you only need to fill in the form once for the whole group. The form below will open in a new tab.

Once we have all the performer information, please use the forms below to tell us about any concerts you might be involved with in the local area, or music and/or spoken word education projects based in Southfields.

Thanks for helping us create the most comprehensive local guide to music and spoken word performances, events, projects, performers, etc.! Southfields is an incredibly creative local area and we're pround to bring it all together in one place.

About Sounds of Southfields

Supported by The Arts Salon, a charity committed to arts in the community, we are a group of professional musicians and social cohesion advocates wishing to promote musical activity, both professional and amateur, in Southfields. Having come together to create a Wandsworth Council funded 2020 Southfields Music Festival, we have been diverted by the current pandemic. Instead we are offering you alternative musical experiences both online and on your doorstep and encouraging and promoting local musicians and local audiences. We hope to resume plans for a Festival in Southfields in 2021.

The Arts Salon is a registered charity (charity no. 1136906)